Mechanical car parts
Mechanical car parts

Transmission Repair Service Near Summerville, SC

When your transmission needs service, see the local experts in transmission diagnosis, service and maintenance!


Manual Transmission Services include:

  • Rebuilt Service
  • Clutch Service
  • External Service to Transmission & Related Components
  • Reseal Service

Automatic Transmission Services include:

  • Rebuilt Service
  • External Service to Transmission & Related Components
  • Reseal Service

Maintenance Services for All Transmissions include:

  • Filter Change
  • Fluid Change


Signs You Might Need Transmission Repair


The signs of a bad transmission can be as easy to recognize as the difference between looking at a red light versus a green light! Here are some of the things to look for:


In general, one of the most common transmission problems plaguing Summerville vehicle owners is transmission slippage. The easiest way to know if the transmission is slipping or not is to listen to what it sounds like when shifting between gears (like from park to drive and reverse). If it sounds like something is off with a high-pitched whining sound, or if the gears slip into another gear like D2 (uphill gear) from normal driving “D” gear, for example, then that can be dangerous and is most definitely a sign that the transmission needs help. Also, if it isn’t accelerating properly when the gas pedal is pushed, then that is a tell-tale sign as well.


“Rough shifting”, which makes the vehicle lunge back and forth between shifts, is another popular sign of transmission problems. Yet another common problem is also what is known as “delayed engagement.” When the vehicle is shifted from one gear into the other and it takes more than a second for the shift to occur, that’s a very clear sign that delayed engagement is occurring and that the transmission needs repair.


Finally, the clearest sign of a problem is if there is red, dark red or brown fluid that is leaking from underneath the vehicle. This indicates that something in the transmission is broken, that there was too much fluid put into the transmission, or worse. A check engine light will often display this.


When looking for excellent service and quality parts on repair services or auto services from an auto repair shop, look no further. Please give us a call and let us help with transmission repair in Summerville, SC. You’ll enjoy better peace of mind and a safer vehicle with a smoother ride!


Transmission Repair

Having trouble with your transmission? At Edwards Automotive, we specialize in repairing all types of transmissions, including manual, automatic and semi-automatic transmissions. 


Through our best-in-class service and our word-of-mouth popularity, we have built a name for ourselves for reliable and affordable service throughout South Carolina. From diagnosis to repair, we supervise every step of the process to ensure the highest standard of service, and we never tack on any hidden or unexpected charges.


If you suspect you may have a problem with your transmission, you can trust Edwards Automotive to take care of the problem quickly and efficiently at a price you can afford. 


Call us today for a free estimate!

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