Mechanical car parts
Mechanical car parts

Summerville Radiator Service

Everyone’s seen those “funny” scenes on TV and in the movies where someone’s radiator breaks down miles from nowhere. In real life, it’s not funny at all. Your radiator is actually one of the most important parts of your car, and if it stops working, you’ve got real trouble.
The fact is that radiators do get subjected to high temperatures after a long period of time. The older the car, the more likely your radiator is to need servicing.
If you suspect that your vehicle may need radiator repair, bring it to us for inspection and diagnosis! The expert technicians at Edwards Automotive can determine if you do in fact need radiator repair. Then we’ll do the work fast to get you back on the road right away.
Radiator Basics
The radiator works to stop the car engine from overheating. The radiator extracts heat, and also serves to re-cool your engine coolant. This is pretty much how a refrigerator works, in fact.
The problems start when the system leaks, or if a component like a radiator hose or seal fractures. The radiator system is simple in theory, but there are many components which need to be checked when trying to find the cause of radiator problems.
Components include the water pump, heater core hoses, freeze plugs, gaskets, and various parts of the radiator itself. One of the classic symptoms of radiator problems is "crusty" coolant fluid outside the system. Unless the problem is very simple indeed, like just not having enough water in the water tank, it’s a good idea to take the car into a service center to get the entire radiator system checked out.
Edwards Automotive Radiator Servicing
We can service radiators on any type of vehicle, from sports cars to juggernauts,
hatchbacks to haulage trucks. We’re one of Charleston’s leading automotive repair
services, and we’ll get you back on the road ASAP.
Get your Radiator Serviced at Edwards Automotive
If you’re having radiator problems, all you need to do is book in your car with us for
service, online or by phone. You can drop your car off at our service center in
Summerville, SC. Just arrange your drop off time to fit in with your schedule and collect your car at your convenience.
We’ll check your radiator system, and make sure that all leaks and any parts issues are properly fixed. We’ll also inspect the radiator system for any damage, other possible risks, or faults.
Edwards Automotive – Professional Quality Service
We’ve been providing automotive services to the people of Charleston for a long time. We deliver top quality work and high safety standards for our clients. When you bring your car in for radiator repair or be serviced by us in any other way, expect only VIP service and the best professional standards of ethical conduct.
Our services also include these features:
We use nothing but the best quality parts.
We offer a full warranty on all work.
We provide automatic discounts for currently serving members of the military and veterans.
We don’t keep you waiting – You can expect your car to be serviced as soon as possible.

Our auto technicians take the time to make sure you understand what needs to be done when you come to us for radiator repair or any of our other repairs. You’ll be treated with courtesy and respect, and our prices are competitive and fair.
Need some help with your car right now? Just call us! 
If you need some help with your car, or want to know more about our auto repair services, you can contact us anytime. Just give us a call or send an email. We’ll be happy to assist you with our radiator services or any of our auto repair services.

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