Mechanical car parts
Mechanical car parts

Car AC Services near Moncks Corner

Air conditioning isn’t really a luxury for modern motorists. It’s a necessity. It helps you relax while driving, keeps you comfortable, and in fact makes you more alert on the road, reducing fatigue.


Air conditioning is also a health issue for drivers. A good AC system helps prevent dehydration in summer and excessive cold in winter, both of which can have serious health ramifications. It’s a good idea to have your AC checked out and functioning properly, particularly if you have young kids or elderly relatives who are more susceptible to temperature conditions.


AC Service Overview


Car and truck air conditioning systems are similar to home air conditioning- to a point.The AC systems are smaller and self- contained, but like home AC systems, they have their issues.


If you’re getting the impression that your car AC system, which will be working fulltime seasonally, needs to be regularly checked out and maintained, you’re quite right. Modern car AC systems are usually pretty reliable, but it’s well worth making sure yours is in good condition. They usually break down simply because of their amount of usage. 


Edwards Automotive AC Services


We provide full services for any AC system on any type of vehicle, even big rigs, and other oversize vehicles. Whether you’re driving the family taxi, a farmer’s “workhorse on wheels”, or a high-end commercial vehicle, we’ll get your AC in perfect working order.


Get your AC service At Edwards Automotive


We have over 25 years in the business, and we pride ourselves on delivering top quality services for our clients. Our people are all highly experienced technicians, and we’ll make sure your AC system gets VIP treatment.


It’s easy to book with us. Just call us or book in online for a service time that fits in with your schedule. We’ll check your AC system thoroughly, and it’ll be good as new when you come to pick up your car.


Edwards Automotive - Service Quality Assurance


With us, you can expect only the very best standards of work and quality of service with a lot of added values built in:


  • As part of our standard quality controls, we use only top quality parts.
  • We regularly have special offers so you can save money right away.
  • Our warranty covers all work.
  • We offer discounts for both currently serving military personnel and veterans.
  • No waiting with us- We also specialize in fast turnaround. Expect your car to be
  • ready ASAP whenever you use our services.


Need more information? Call us right now 


For more information, call us or contact us online. We’ll be happy to advise and give you all the information you need.


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